Genocide Prevention Knowledge Base

Collaboration between GPP, Beyond Intractability, and Columbia University has produced new genocide prevention materials for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). The new Genocide Prevention Knowledge Base, hosted at the Governance Commons website, is one of the most advanced databases in the field and includes hundreds of articles and websites pertaining to atrocity prevention, peacekeeping, transitional justice, reconciliation and more. Thanks to the help of Beyond Intractability, we were able to produce a new set of DVDs that offers a snapshot of all the case studies, research, and relevant organizations available on the site.

Designed to be reference tools for the many people in Africa’s Great Lakes Region who are at the front line of prevention and recovery efforts from genocide and other mass atrocities and who work in areas without a reliable internet connection, the DVDs are primarily a way to make online research and learning materials available for those who are underserved. They were presented by Ashad Sentongo, GPP’s Program Officer who is liaising based in Bujumbura, on behalf of Beyond Intractability, George Mason University, and Columbia University to ICGLR’s Regional Committee Meeting on November 10th, 2011 in Tanzania. As additional material is collected and specific needs and information gaps are identified, updated DVDs will also be created and provided to ICGLR on a periodic basis.